Byas, JD
Incident Debrief: Through My Eyes - A Negotiator's View of the 2016 Ambush of Five Dallas PD Police Officers

On July 7, 2016, five police officers were killed during an ambush on a group of police in Dallas, Texas. This debrief will feature the unique perspective of a negotiator who was there.

JD Byas - Bio
Sr. Cpl. J.D.Byas is a 34-year veteran of the Dallas Police Department. He became a SWAT officer In 1993 and was eventually selected has a counter-sniper, specializing in glass ballistics. He became a hostage/crisis negotiator in 2000, and has completed 650 hours of training with the Suicide /Crisis Center. His 25 years of SWAT experience cover over 475 barricaded persons and suicidal call outs, and several hundred high-risk warrants. Byas is currently assigned to the SWAT Support Unit. He is certified as a Texas Law Enforcement and Tactical Instructor.