Murphy, Dan
Survival for the Tactical Team Leader
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This is a basic tactics discussion with lecture, videos and incident debrief reviews. Topics covered include officer-down rescue tactics, tactical decision-making system, understanding mission-based movement and proper tactical mindset.

Dan Murphy - Bio
Lt. Dan Murphy is with Fort Collins Police Services in Colorado. He has been a police officer since 1984 and a supervisor since 1996. He has been assigned to supervisory positions in Patrol Operations, a County Drug Task Force, and the Criminal Impact/Fugitive Unit. He was assigned to SWAT Operations as the SWAT Sergeant full-time for ten years. Murphy was promoted from SWAT in May of 2015; he has been a SWAT Team Leader since 1995 and has been a SWAT officer since 1991. His assignments have included the Professional Standards Unit, Patrol Watch Commander and currently commands the SWAT team, the K-9 Unit and SWAT CNT team.

Lt. Murphy is an experienced instructor in Basic and Advanced SWAT, Mobile Field Force Tactics, High Risk Patrol Tactics, Warrant Service and Less Lethal Munitions. He has been a National Tactical Officers Association instructor since 1999 and currently teaches Basic/Advanced SWAT, Less-Lethal Projectiles/FSDD/Chemical Agent instructor classes, Leadership and Commander/Team Leader courses and Active Shooter Tactics for NTOA. Murphy has been his agency's lead instructor for high risk tactics since 1996. He is a court certified expert in the use and deployment of diversionary devices during tactical operations since 2004 and is considered a subject matter expert in the areas of less lethal, SWAT team leadership and tactical operations. He has participated in and/or supervised numerous high-risk tactical operations and he has been recognized by his agency with three medals for valor and a distinguished service medal during hostage rescue situations and violent felony arrests numerous times over his career. Murphy has been a lead instructor at national and state tactical conferences in the areas of SWAT tactics for numerous years. In 2011, he won the prestigious "John Kolman - Award of Excellence," from the NTOA for his efforts and leadership in developing new tactics and leadership programs for SWAT officers throughout the United States, Canada and abroad. He won the 2015 first-ever Rocky Mountain Tactical Team Association "SWAT Officer of the Year - Tactical Achievement Award." He has a Bachelor's degree in Administration of Justice.