Beighley, Jason
Bethge, Roy
Gadoury, Jamey
The Battle of Mogadishu: Are You Ready?
Hours: 4    Start Time: 13:00    End Time: 17:00    
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The presentation will include a vivid, first-person account of the Battle of Mogadishu. This story will engage participants and help them consider their own challenges and development as operators and leaders. The format will consist of lecture, storytelling, facilitation, and small group discussions. Instructors may also use a panel format for a portion of the class. Key content will include learning and discussion on being part of a profession, growing as a leader, mentoring, and creating a healthy team culture.

Jason Beighley - Bio
Jason Beighley retired from the US Army as a Sergeant Major after 25 years, 17 of which he spent as an operator in the Army's premier Tier One unit at Ft Bragg. His assignments included positions as an Assault Team Leader, Master Breacher, and R&D Development Expert. He was responsible for training and leading highly-skilled operators for all facets of combat operations for over ten years. Beighley also spent six years working in a fast-paced and demanding Combat Development office, providing warfighters with new technologies across several commodity areas including small arms, explosive breaching, C4ISR, soldier systems, vehicle mobility, and others. He is an accomplished trainer and tactician with a deep understanding of leadership, mentoring, and organizational culture, and how they feed each other on a healthy team.

Roy Bethge - Bio
Roy Bethge is a veteran police leader with more than 28 years of experience. He currently serves as deputy chief of operations for the Buffalo Grove Police Department in Northern Illinois. His responsibilities include leadership of the Patrol and Investigations Division with oversight of the public information function. He holds a Masters Degree in Criminal Justice from Columbia College and has an extensive background as a trainer in the areas of leadership development, officer safety, use of force, and adult learning. Bethge is the co-founder and lead instructor of The Virtus Group, Inc. which brings innovative leadership training and personal development instruction to law enforcement professionals around the country. As part of that endeavor, Mr. Bethge is the co-creator of the WINx: Inspiring Leadership in Law Enforcement conference which is a TED-styled experience focused on law enforcement professionals. He is an instructor for Louisiana State University's National Center for Biomedical Research and Training as well as a private consultant. His professional affiliations include active membership in several sections of the International Association of Chiefs of Police and committee leadership positions in the Illinois Association of Chiefs of Police. He is also the former board chairman of Below 100, a nation-wide not for profit officer safety initiative dedicated to reducing officer line of-duty deaths (LODD) and preventable injuries. Mr. Bethge presents nationally on the topics of leadership, instructor development, personal development, and organizational change. He is a sought after speaker having presented before the International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP), Illinois Association of Chiefs of Police, Michigan State Police Leadership Forum, California Peace Officers Association, Empire State Traffic Conference and many more.

Jamey Gadoury - Bio
Jamey Gadoury is an organizational consultant who has worked with corporate executives, senior military leaders, law enforcement officers, small business owners, emerging leaders, and entire business units. He is passionate about helping leaders and organizations succeed and has spent the last 20 years studying, practicing, and teaching leadership. In 2014, he established the sole proprietorship that would become Outsider Consulting. His understanding of leadership and organizations has been shaped by his experiences in the Army. He graduated from West Point and the US Army Ranger School, where he later instructed. He led in combat in both Afghanistan and Iraq. In Ar Ramadi, Iraq, he commanded a rifle company as his task force broke the back of the Al-Qaeda backed insurgency. After completing his Army service, he began his career as a leadership consultant and learned much with the Praevius Group. While there, he supported the Center for the Army Profession and Ethic, helping them train and develop numerous tiers of leadership in ethical decision-making and professional identity. He also developed teams at the United States Army Corps of Engineers, serving leaders at all levels of the organization.