Mescan, Steve
Critical Thinking and Condensed Decision-Making for the Team
Hours: 4    Start Time: 08:00    End Time: 12:00    
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This course is designed to provide the operator, team leader and tactical commander a condensed decision-making model. The model takes Boyd's Cycle OODA Loop and examines how to make a legal, ethical, tactically sound and efficient decision focused on the preservation of life and safety for all concerned. The model is designed to create a synergistic relationship between operators, team leaders and command. The decision-making model transfers from the condensed time frame of the incident to the post-incident investigation, internal affairs investigation, civil and criminal court proceedings to explain and justify actions and decisions under situations which are tense, uncertain and rapidly evolving. Students will leave this class with the fundamental tools to apply the decision-making model to their team's tactical doctrine.

Steve Mescan - Bio
Master Police Officer Stephen Mescan is a 21-year veteran of the City of Pittsburgh Bureau of Police and is currently assigned to the City of Pittsburgh Police SWAT Team's Tactical Operations Section which is comprised of subject matter experts that assist the City of Pittsburgh Bureau of Police Command Staff personnel with strategic initiatives, planning and the development of tactical resolve contingencies as it relates to all police operations.

His day-to-day operations consist of administrative duties surrounding SWAT, tactical team training, and leadership functions during tactical deployments. Additionally, his responsibilities include the coordination with outside agencies, joint operations training and major incident planning for the Pittsburgh Bureau of Police.

Officer Mescan is the past president of the Pennsylvania Tactical Officers Association and currently serves on the National Tactical Officers Association (NTOA) Board of Directors. He is an instructor for the NTOA and co-authored the NTOA Team Leader Development Program. He has instructed for numerous state tactical associations and has consulted as an expert to area SWAT Teams concerning SWAT operations. Most notably, in 2009 he was part of a subject matter expert team that developed the tactical strategic plan for the G-20 Summit held in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania.