Nice, Mandy
Got Your Six: Practical Strategies to Increase Long-Term Tactical Athleticism While Minimizing Risk
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Reaction time, speed, strength and overall tactical athleticism can either save or lose lives. Thus, sustaining a high degree of tactical athleticism is essential. This dynamic session will provide attendees with science-based, results-focused, career-lengthening exercise solutions and muscle recovery solutions for SWAT team members. Specifically, we will discuss how to optimize body mechanics to heighten tactical athleticism while reducing the risk of musculoskeletal pain and injury. Optimizing the body's rest and recovery system will also be covered. Attendees will be provided with demonstrations of practical, science-based exercises to optimize body mechanics for increased reaction time, speed, strength and overall fitness. All fitness ability levels are welcomed to participate. Modifications to lower and raise exercise intensity will be provided so that attendees can choose their preference per exercise. Practical, affordable best practices will help attendees enjoy a healthy, energized career with a comfortable, long retirement afterwards. Attendees will leave with an action plan that they can implement personally and with their team.

Mandy Nice - Bio
Mandy Nice is the Founder of The NICE Life, LLC, an award-winning wellness firm that applies practical, affordable, science-based best practice solutions to measurably improve the physical strength and resilience of tactical athletes and civilian employees. Her experiences include a mentorship with the FBI National Academy and 13 years of providing services to over 45 organizations, ranging from law enforcement agencies, city, county and state governments to many Fortune 500 companies. She also currently works as the Wellness Coordinator for Bexar County, Texas.

Mandy has authored articles for publications including the IACP's The Police Chief Magazine, The FBI National Academy's FBINAA Associate Magazine and The National Strength and Conditioning Association's Tactical Strength and Conditioning Report. Prioritizing industry best practices, Mandy is a frequent guest speaker at law enforcement conferences for sustainable tactical athleticism, wellness, risk management and workmen's compensation. Examples include serving as an expert panel speaker for Building Resiliency at the 2017 annual IACP Conference and presenter of LEO physical fitness solutions at the 2019 IACP Officer Safety and Wellness Symposium. Her results-proven wellness program design and implementation system has enabled her to implement effective, efficient, scalable, engaging exercise and wellness programs that produce measurable success and participant satisfaction for law enforcement agencies. In one year, employees of one county agency reduced injuries by $250,000 and lost over 1,000 pounds. Her greatest motivator is helping employees optimize their fitness and wellness so that they can enjoy strong, healthy careers and longer retirements.