Mireles, Ed
Incident Debrief: The 1986 FBI Miami Gunfight
Hours: 4    Start Time: 13:00    End Time: 17:00    
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This debrief is a case study of the infamous April 11, 1986 bank robbery in Miami, Florida, that led to a gunfight between the FBI and two serial bank robbers. During the gunfight, two agents were killed, as well as the two suspects.

Ed Mireles - Bio
Ed Mireles is a retired FBI Agent with 25 years of service. He served in WDC, three tours in Miami, Omaha, Tucson and two tours at the FBI Academy at Quantico. He worked in a variety of areas in Program Management, as a Supervisor, Classified Government Programs, General and Violent Crime Investigations, Organized Crime (OC) Investigations, Narcotics Investigations, Undercover Operations, Southwest Border Initiative, Crime Scene Investigations, Interviewing & Interrogation, Counter-Terrorism/ CT bombing investigations, Threat Assessment, Data Collection, Reporting of Criminal & Security Incidents, Firearms Training and Street Survival Training.

Mireles has over 15 years of undercover (UC) experience having worked scores of high-risk UC cases. He has been involved in two deadly force confrontations and has been wounded twice. He was selected as the 1986 National Police Officer of the Year; the recipient of the US Attorney General's Award for Exceptional Heroism and the FBI Medal of Valor. Mireles is a subject matter expert in general law enforcement matters and in police deadly force incidents. He served as a law enforcement professional for four years in Iraq where he assisted the DOD and DOS with Program Management, Classified Government Programs, Counter Insurgency (COIN) Counter-Terrorism (CT), Counter Improvised Explosives Device (CIED), Intelligence & Threat Analysis, Data Collection/Data Exploitation (Foreign Fighter Flow), External Relationships with Alliance Partners (NATO), Force Protection, Physical Security, Training and Mentoring Iraqi Police. Ed also did training and mentoring for one year in Mexico and one in Belize. He served for four years in the United States Marines between 1971 and 1975.