Jahnke, Jason
Incident Debrief: Grant Street Hostage Rescue, Phoenix PD FULL
Hours: 2    Start Time: 10:00    End Time: 12:00    
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This incident debrief will discuss lessons learned during a hostage taking at a convenience store in Phoenix, AZ. One victim was shot and the clerk was being held hostage. This was a sniper initiated hostage rescue with multiple breach points. All aspects of SWAT were utilized during the incident to include: command, sniper, breaching, entry, CNT, and Intel. Successful processes and areas of improvement will be covered during this debrief.

Jason Jahnke - Bio
Sergeant Jason Jahnke has been a member of the Phoenix Police Department since January 1994 and has been a sergeant since August 2007. He is currently assigned to the Special Assignments Unit as the Training Sergeant and supervises the S-59 Training Squad. The duties of the Training Sergeant include: supervising the Crisis Negotiations Team, overseeing the Unit's firearms, sniper, breaching, chemical munitions, and distraction device training, and providing for Unit logistics. Other previous assignments include: Patrol (Officer and Sergeant), Field Training Officer, Solo Motorcycle Officer, Youth Alcohol Squad Detective, Vehicular Crimes Unit Detective, Tactical Training Detail Officer, Agency Drug Recognition Expert Coordinator, Administrative Sergeant, Neighborhood Enforcement Team Sergeant, and Special Assignments Unit Tactical Sergeant. Sergeant Jahnke holds instructor certifications from NTOA, Arizona POST, the NRA, and other various organizations.