Selleg, Jeff
Warrant Service Planning and Documentation
Hours: 4    Start Time: 13:00    End Time: 15:00    
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This class will concentrate on concepts of strategy and tactics coupled with risk analysis and risk mitigation for the planning process of high-risk warrant service. There will be an emphasis placed on the understanding of principles of sound doctrine and development of each operation based on its own merits. Students will have an understanding of the importance for the planning process and how it relates to post incident scrutiny and the justification process of tactical doctrine.

Jeff Selleg - Bio
Commander Jeff Selleg has worked in law enforcement since 1996 and served as a member of Valley Regional SWAT from October of 2000 to July 2013 in an operational capacity, and returned as a SWAT Commander in 2015. He served in the capacity of entry team member, sniper, sniper team leader, and entry team leader. He holds certifications as an instructor in most of the disciplines associated with tactical operations. During this time, he has responded to numerous emergency calls and planned operations. He held the rank of Sergeant at the Port of Seattle Police Department from 2005 to 2013 when he was promoted to Commander, and has served both as a patrol commander and an administrative services commander with collateral duty commands over the Explosive Detection Canine Unit, the Bomb Disposal Unit and SWAT.

Selleg has served as a member of the Washington State Tactical Officer's Association Board of Directors since 2007 and currently serves as the President. He has instructed hundreds of officers in his role as a Basic and Advanced SWAT instructor as well as hundreds of patrol officers attending the Valley SWAT regional Active Shooter Program. He served as an advisor to the National Institute of Justice - Tactical Technology Working group for the Department of Justice as well as a committee member to the National Tactical Officer Association's - National SWAT Standards Review Committee. Since 2012, Selleg has instructed for the National Tactical Officer Association facilitating the Team Leader Development Course, SWAT Command and Decision Making I and SWAT Command and Decision Making II. He assisted the NTOA as a committee member designing the curriculum of the NTOA's new Command College leadership development initiative and currently serves as the Chairman of the NTOA's Tactical Leadership Committee. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Accounting from Saint Martin's University in Lacey Washington and a Master's of Arts degree in Organizational Leadership from Chapman University in Orange, California. Selleg has completed course work and his ABD towards earning his Doctorate of Education in Organizational Leadership through Northeastern University in Boston.