Powell, Brandon
Incident Debrief: Hostage Rescue, Arizona
Hours: 2    Start Time: 10:00    End Time: 12:00    
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An officer-involved shooting resulted in the death of Showlow (AZ) Police Officer Darrin Reed. After a multiple hour manhunt, the suspect was located barricaded in a small cabin with a 14-year-old female hostage. After multiple shots were fired by the subject at surrounding law enforcement and numerous hours of negotiations, a plan was executed to intervene and save the hostage.

Brandon Powell - Bio
Sgt. Brandon Powell began his career with the Arizona Department of Public Safety in 1998. His first assignment was a remote duty station before transferring to the metro Phoenix area where he worked patrol for six years. At the end of 2005 he was assigned to the AZ DPS SWAT Team as a part-time operator. Sgt Powell spent a year on the State Gang Task Force before joining SWAT full time in 2007. He held positions as an operator, assistant team leader, Sgt for the Tactical Patrol Squad, and team leader. Sgt Powell is currently assigned to patrol.