Ballis, Morgan
K-12 Active Shooter: The Knowledge to Win
Hours: 2    Start Time: 10:00    End Time: 12:00    
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A K-12 active shooter will be the easiest adversary an officer will face. Attendees will utilize empirical data on School Active Assailant Events over the past 20 years conducting a detailed threat analysis. This highly engaging seminar will force officers to differentiate between School Active Assailant Events and other mass murder incidents, empowering them with the knowledge and confidence to end the threat and save lives. The presentation will expose attendees to data and case studies allowing the audience to assess K-12 active shooter assailants, the planning process, location of attacks, duration of attacks, consequences, and resolutions of these events. The totality of information will be used to propose changes in trainings methods and response tactics for targeted attacks against K-12 institutions.

Morgan Ballis - Bio
Morgan Ballis is the Founder and Director of Strategic Planning and Training of Campus Safely Alliance, an emergency management consulting firm. He holds a M.S. in Homeland Security & Emergency Management and is currently pursuing his Phd in Emergency Management with a focus on targeted attacks against PreK-12 institutions. Ballis' firm has trained and educated more than 20,000 educators, students, military personnel, law enforcement, and first responders in active assailant response. He served for more than 11 years in the United States Marine Corps with the majority of his career spent as an Infantry Unit Leader. Ballis began his journey into the emergency management field after his mother survived the 2011 mass shooting at Congresswoman Gabriel Gifford's event in Tucson, AZ.