Poe, Brandon
Autin, Jude
Incident Debrief: St. Joseph Hostage Incident, Louisiana
Hours: 2    Start Time: 13:00    End Time: 15:00    
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On Aug. 13, 2013, a lone gunman entered Tensas State Bank and took three hostages. Louisiana State Police SWAT responded to the incident, along with other federal agencies, including FBI, ATF and US Marshals. Negotiations with the paranoid schizophrenic hostage taker began to break down after approximately 12 hours. Intelligence was received that the subject was going to torture and kill the hostages. Negotiators were able to obtain the release of one hostage. An explosive/deliberate assault was conducted when negotiations failed. Ultimately, SWAT killed the hostage taker but he was able to get off two shots in under two seconds, killing two hostages.

Brandon Poe - Bio
Lt. Brandon Poe has been employed with the Louisiana State Police for 21 years. He served two years in uniform patrol, followed by 15 years in Detectives. For the last 4 years he has been a full time Sergeant in SWAT and then promoted to Lieutenant as SWAT Commander. He has served on LSP SWAT for 15 years and held positions as Element Leader, Operator and Breacher. He supervised the explosive breaching program for 10 years. Lt. Poe has a Bachelor Degree in Criminal Justice from Southeastern Louisiana University. He also has a Louisiana POST certification as a firearms instructor and has held an explosives license for 20 years.

Jude Autin - Bio
Sgt. Autin has been employed with Louisiana State Police for 22 years. He served 2 years in uniform patrol, followed by assignments in the Firearms Unit (Training Academy), Gaming, and Criminal Intelligence Unit (assigned to FBI Joint Terrorism Task Force). He was promoted to Training and Operations Sergeant in SWAT in September 2017. Sgt. Autin has been a SWAT Team member since 2000. He has been an operator, counter-sniper, and element leader during that time before being promoted. Sgt. Autin has a Bachelor Degree in Criminal Justice from Southeastern Louisiana University. He has been a Louisiana POST certified firearms instructor since 1999.