Jaeckle, Dr. Tina
Mitigating Stress and Building Resiliency in Law Enforcement Tactical Teams
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As the demands increase on law enforcement tactical teams, leaders must prepare their SWAT operators for virtually any event, both on and off duty. While a certain amount of stress is an expected outcome in most encounters, it can begin to impact work performance, decision-making, and the important balance between work and home life. In the most extreme examples, the entire system, body and mind, are stressed to their maximal ability, which will either lead to a successful outcome for the operator, who is physically and mentally trained for the event, or it will end badly. The overall goal is to prevent and mitigate these stressors and ultimately build resiliency for both the individual operator and the team as a whole.

Dr. Tina Jaeckle - Bio
Dr. Tina Jaeckle is a mental health professional and professor and has presented nationally on issues of crisis/critical incidents, trauma among law enforcement, suicide (law enforcement/first responders), psychological issues in officer involved shootings and line of duty deaths, and the effective incorporation of millennials in the policing field. Dr. Jaeckle trains and consults with numerous public safety agencies in critical incident stress management and peer support, crisis/hostage negotiations, and oversees several CISM teams. She is also board certified in emergency crisis response through the American Academy of Experts in Traumatic Stress; an approved instructor with the International Critical Incident Stress Foundation; a Fellow with the National Center for Crisis Management; a former visiting professor at the FBI Academy (Behavioral Science Unit/National Academy). Dr. Jaeckle is the EAP clinician for the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office, Florida and provides instruction at their training academy