Fomby, Spencer
Policing Political Protests
Hours: 2    Start Time: 10:00    End Time: 12:00    
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This seminar will cover issues related to policing violent political protests between Right- and Left-wing extremists. The presenter will share lessons learned from years of protest experience in the California Bay Area, including 12 protest events in 2017 and events in 2018.

Spencer Fomby - Bio
Sgt. Spencer Fomby began his law enforcement career in 1999 with the Berkeley Police Department. He has been a member of the SWAT team since 2004 and has been assigned as a team leader since 2010. During his career, Fomby has provided instruction in SWAT, Defensive Tactics, Tactical Firearms, Mobile Field Force, Counter Ambush, Active Shooter/Rescue Task Force, Tactical De-escalation and High-Risk Patrol Tactics. He was selected as his department's Officer of the Year in 2011 for his actions during an officer-involved shooting.

Fomby was the team leader of the 2013 Urban Shield first place team. He is a member of a National Institutes of Justice Special Technical Committee on civil disturbance units. He earned a Bachelor of Arts in Administration of Justice from Howard University. He is also a visiting fellow in policing at the University of Derby in the UK. Fomby is the lead departmental crowd control instructor; responsible for equipment selection, tactical training, less lethal weapon selection, chemical agent selection and deployment, and mission planning. He has extensive experience as a squad leader in crowd control events.