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Police Counter Ambush Tactics - Pomona, NY

Police Counter Ambush Tactics
High-Risk Patrol Operations Location: Pomona, NY Start Date: 5/28/2020 End Date: 5/29/2020 
Non-Member Price: $483.00 Individual Member Price: $428.00 
This 2-day course is designed to educate and prepare police officers in the event of an ambush. Officers will be trained in techniques to eliminate or mitigate the threat. Officers will also be trained in the application of tactical emergency medicine through the use of tourniquets, pressure dressings and direct pressure. This is a hands-on, high-intensity course in which students practice tactics and techniques in the field.
There is a 3rd day that is optional and dedicated to firearms and vehicle operations.
NOTE: After you register for a course we will provide you with training site addresses as well as hotel recommendations via email.