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SWAT Command Decision-Making and Leadership II - Wayne, NJ

SWAT Command Decision-Making and Leadership II
SWAT Management Location: Wayne, NJ Start Date: 5/12/2020 End Date: 5/15/2020 
Non-Member Price: $654.00 Individual Member Price: $599.00 
This is a follow-on course to the SWAT Command Decision-Making and Leadership I course. A comprehensive array of topics will be discussed including improving the structure and delivery of training, maximizing training hours, methods to incorporate SWAT into large scale planned operations, problem-solving methods and analytical thinking, organizational leadership, trust, and much more. Overall discussions will aid students in their role as leaders within their units and agencies.

This class includes intensive academic and theoretical components. Students will conduct research, participate in analytical discussions, and produce written documents to enhance team preparedness.

***It is highly recommended that students bring a laptop computer to class.
NOTE: After you register for a course we will provide you with training site addresses as well as hotel recommendations via email.