Conference Course/Event Overviews

Special Events
An Evening with Ron McCarthy
Diamondbacks Baseball Game
Opening Ceremony
Welcome Reception
Incident Debriefs
Incident Debrief: 2013 Washington Navy Yard Active Shooter
Incident Debrief: Lock Down on the Las Vegas Strip
Incident Debrief: Marcus Schumacher Domestic Incident
Incident Debrief: Martinez Brothers Negotiation - Ellis County, Texas
Incident Debrief: North Columbus Avenue Incidents
Incident Debrief: Platte Canyon
Incident Debrief: Sovereign Citizen Negotiation
Incident Debrief: Suicide by Cop
Incident Debrief: The Perfect Storm: Negotiating with a Military Police Officer who has Negotiations Training
Incident Debrief: The Red Roof Standoff
Incident Debrief: Trumbull County Jail Hostage Situation
Practical Courses
Advanced Communication Skills: Effective Questioning and Responses
Anatomy of a SWAT Call
Embrace the Suck and Dare to be Great: A Challenge to Tactical Officers
Integration of Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) in Law Enforcement
Law Enforcement Equipment Support (1033) Program
Legal Issues for Crisis Intervention Teams
Medical / Legal Issues in TEMS
Negotiator Stress
Street Level Incident Command System
Suicide by Cop
Team Building: Brainstorming and Decision Making as a Team
Team Building: Communication and Motivation
Warrior Survival at Home and on the Streets: Surviving the Lifestyle